What's the purpose?

understanding foundations

Everyone knows that a building with a bad foundation will eventually collapse. It is no different with individuals and with society as a whole. We have walked away from those foundations that this country was built upon and now, we can see, that it is starting to crumble. My hope is that this website will help bring those foundations back.

How do we fix these foundations

strength from understanding

In order to strengthen these foundations you must first understand what they are. I have focused on four cornerstones that I believe are the basic foundations for a healthy individual and society. True, we are all different but if there is no basic values that we share then there is no way that we can stay together as a society.

Updates coming hopefully soon

I will be updating this site as soon I get a handle on how to do that.  Hopefully it will be a much faster and smoother experience.  Also a better looking one.  I hope.  Please be patient as this will take some time.  I will also likely be moving all the blogs to my substack page.