The Cornerstone of Communities

What makes Family one of the cornerstones?

Family is the foundation of civilization. We gather our families together with those with common interests to form communities. Communities form towns, towns form counties, counties form states, and states form our country. It is the bedrock that our country is built upon. For that is the reason we have all of these small to larger communities. To provide a safe environment for our families.

Why is this important?

Family is the driving force behind all that mankind has accomplished. We strive to make the world a better place for those that we care about as those before us have done. It is also our best support structure. When you go through something traumatic, family is the one that knows you best; knows what your needs are. They are in the best position to be able to help you get through it. And when that isn’t enough, we have communities that can rally together to help overcome a major obstacle.

How does this relate to the country?

Currently, we have replaced our families and our communities with government. And government is a poor replacement. They don’t know you or your circumstances. They can’t possibly know the best way to help you. All they know how to do is throw money at the problem. To use a well known analogy, they are giving you fish instead of teaching you how to fish.

What can I do?

We need to go back to teaching the importance of Family and a strong community. Strengthen your own Family through good communication and common goals. Encourage youth to date with the goal of marriage and starting a family with someone they share ideals with. Get to know your neighbors. Have community activities. Work together to solve shared problems. Only by building strong families and, with that, strong communities can we regain the country we have lost.