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A Brief History of Black Holes is actually kind of a misnomer for this book.  It reads more like a brief history of science and why it’s needed before it even gets to black holes and all the things that the average person would probably get wrong when asked about them.  Dr. Becky does an excellent job taking you through that process so you will have the background of knowledge necessary to understand black holes or “dark stars” when she does get to it.  

I thought this book was a breeze to read despite the complex topics being discussed within it.  This is no surprise to me though as I follow her on YouTube for this very reason.  I need to thank my sister for getting me this book for my birthday so that I could enjoy it.  If you have an interest in black holes but worry that you won’t be able to understand it I would say you should give this book a shot.  I believe it will give you clear understanding of what we do and do not know about black holes without giving you too much of a headache.