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What a great surprise. This book was far above my expectations. I did not expect the cyberpunk element that was found in Body and Blood, for example. That was a very interesting addition that I wish he went into a little more. I mean a Black-hole gun? Yeah, I want one. lol. But I felt the backstory on these weapons was way to thin. However, what is truly impressive is that this is Michael’s first novel. You can’t really tell. His book is very well written and keeps you interested from beginning to end. The two Fathers kind of reminded me of Catholic versions of Constantine. Using their Divine powers to fight against the evil that has befallen their area. Much like a Cleric from D&D, if that’s something you’re familiar with.

The book is full of Catholic rituals and I feel that someone who has that background may enjoy the book more than someone like me who has to stop reading to research Catholic rituals. Could take you out of the book a bit. That being said, I thought the book was a fairly easy read, with very enjoyable characters, although some felt a bit flat to me, like the leader of the Motorcycle gang for example. But the plot was intriguing, with some interesting twists and the violence was so well described you could almost feel like you were standing in it. Would definitely recommend this book. These priests will knock your socks off.