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Faceless is a great introduction to the world of Bastion and the life of our sleuth, Blackstone.  The book starts out with a classic murder mystery.  But that should be impossible in a world where everyone is scanned and seen by a powerful AI surveillance system.  Faceless takes you to a very plausible future; a grimy, gritty area at the bottom area of the city, where this crime is committed. That city gets more and more elegant and prestigious the higher up you go.  An excellent setting to say the least.  Our “hero”, although he would hate it if you called him that, finds that the only way he can solve the case is to do something that he is loathe to do, play and beat a video game.   Luckily, his wife plays video games.  She can help him.  Oh, wait, they aren’t talking right now.  Well, crap. lol.  

Faceless is a great cyberpunk like mystery that you should really give a shot.  It’s a great, quick read that will suck you into it’s world and take you on a fun adventure.  There are, however, a number of common tropes throughout the book; some people may not like this.  For example, it does have a nice Blade Runner vibe.  Personally, I like that aspect but I can understand how some people may not.  Also, I thought it was a bit too easy to figure out the ending.  However, I didn’t feel that hurt this book as it did Andrew Klaven’s murder mystery.  Overall, it’s a good read that both Sci-fi and mystery readers can enjoy.