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This is going to be kind of a strange review.  I’m going to split this up into two different parts.  The first is what I would have thought of this book if this had been the first time hearing this story.  

So, first of all, this is an excellent read.  A very enjoyable, fast paced read.  The characters are quite relatable as well as being interesting, especially for the limited amount of time we get with them, the plot is quite intriguing and engaging and the story flows quite wonderfully.  It’s quite difficult to think of anything I really didn’t enjoy while I was reading this book.  If you like psychological thrillers with a sci-fi twist then this is the book for you.    

Now for the major problem I had with this book.  It’s horribly unoriginal. In fact, I would say this is basically just a ripoff of a major international hit.  Because of that, I can not, in good conscious, give this high marks.  Everything positive I said here, I would have said about the original and more.  So, even though I do think it’s a well written book, for me, I was just so disappointed after reading it, it kind of ruined the book for me.  However, if you aren’t familiar with this particular story, I feel you will enjoy this book thoroughly so I must give it some credit for that.