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Jisedai…what an interesting book.  If I’m honest, I was a bit disappointed.  Not because it was bad.  If anything, because it was good.  I just felt like I wanted so much more to the story.  I feel like this book could have been truly amazing if there was more time given to the backstory of the characters.  I mean these characters were so awesome.  I wanted more time with them.  More depth.  That being said, the story was one of my favorites.  The fights are amazingly described.  And the author’s knowledge of Japanese weaponry is quite impressive.  Not to mention the knowledge of Japanese culture.  It’s a great quick read.  Just wish there was more of it but it’s a good start.    

The story follows the hero, if you can call him that, as he tries to make his way through Tokyo, as one of the many assassins working for the major corporations.   His world is quickly turned upside down by an unexpected companion.  Together, they go on a quick, and quite deadly journey.  A journey that leads to some self discovery, some heartwarming bonding, and some great samurai fights.  If these things sound great to you then read this book.  And when you’re done with that, you can join me in waiting for the sequel.  In the meantime, you can placate yourself with one of his other books.