Book 5 in the Starshatter series

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Oh the tiny paws of doom. Lol.  I laughed every time I read that.  So this book finds our illustrious heroes on a new planet called Lothoria.  I know, it’s in the title so obviously.  So what are they doing on said planet you ask.  Well, the usual of course. Saving the day(Bonus points to you if you starting singing the Saving the Day song from Ghostbusters).  There is a lot of pretty good stuff in this book.  Treasure hunting, mysteries, more space and ground battles.  A training montage….Well not really but that was kind of how I imagined it in my head.  Some new villains and some old favorites as well.  But by far, the best things about this book are the new major villain, and specifically, the last two chapters.  The villain I don’t really want to go into because I feel it may spoil some of it.  But, without giving too much away, lets dive into what makes those last two chapters great.  

Well, the obvious answer is that they are the climax of the story.  And every good storyteller knows that the climax has to be the best part of the story.  Otherwise the reader, or watcher in the case of visual entertainment, will feel let down.  But what I want to focus on is something that Black Knight does really well in these two chapters.  I feel that it doesn’t give too much away to say that these are epic battle scenes.  You could probably deduce that on your own.  But what Black Knight can somehow magnificently do is make every person in the story have meaning.  What I mean by that is I believe that to Black Knight, none of these characters are just words on a page.  Every single person has value and that comes out in his writing.  So when a group of what would normally be considered “nobody’s” accomplishes something you celebrate with them.  When they all sacrifice themselves for a greater cause you feel it. Every single one of them have weight to the story, and that is rare thing to see.  The other 14 chapters are good, but nothing special.  I’d probably give them a respectable 4.2 or so.  But those last two chapters are so well written and so awesome, that I feel I must give them a 5/5.  Bringing up the total score of the book.  As usual with his books, I can’t wait to see what’s next.