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The Assassin of Malcoze by Bryan Asher is a good fantasy novel; especially considering it’s his first book.  One thing I found interesting about this book is I didn’t really feel like there was a main character.  Each of the characters felt like they had their own important part to the story but none of them stuck out as “the main guy”.  That’s not very common in a lot of the books I read so that kind of stood out to me.  You’ll find all the things you love in a fantasy series: sword fighting, enchantments, and, obviously, an assassin.

The book starts off at a bit of a slower pace as we get to know the characters and the basic plot but then picks up until it just flies at the end.   Which would be my biggest problem with the book.  The end felt a bit rushed.  I would have liked to have had a bit more to the final build up and climax.   Other than that, it’s a great first foray into Bryan’s world.  There are 2 more books in the world so far.  Can’t wait to read them as well.  If you’re into fantasy this book could be just the start into a wonderful series for you.