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If you’re a fan of fantasy novels you will probably enjoy this book.  It’s a brief tale about a 3 mysterious characters, Halsedric, Tulvgir, and Herodiani; and their mission to search a treacherous tomb(I know, obviously.  It’s not like it’s not in the title).   Our heroes are led by an old guide, Drahm.  A man who has a very interesting way of speaking to say the least.  That may be a hangup for some people but I rather enjoyed it.  I imagined him speaking with a Gaelic accent.  The book started off a little slow for me but I quickly found myself getting into the story and the characters.  By the end of the book I was certainly longing to know more.  Always the mark of a good story.  This book has plenty of action and suspense, with a healthy dose of intrigue but not a lot of comedy or romance.  

Overall, I found it to be a quick and easy read however, I can understand how some people may have a problem with the dialect of some of the dialogue.  That and the slower start are my only real gripes with the book.  So if you’re looking for a quick fantasy read this is a great way to go.  Now we just have to wait for the sequel.