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Oh man.  Talk about a book that should be required reading.  I was shocked on how little I knew about the constitutional convention before reading this book.  Although I can kind of understand why it’s not required reading as it is an extremely difficult book to get through.  There’s no way that my high school self would have been willing to get through this book.  I mean it’s essentially a play by play of what they discussed each day.  With someone bringing forth a motion and then both sides discussing or arguing about it.  Really does make for some dry/bland reading.  

But oh the importance of what they were discussing here!  The chance to truly see into the founding of the country and what the founders actually thought.  The problems that they had to face.  It’s very much worth the read and should be read.  Probably should have forced my high school butt through it.  If you have a desire to learn the process of how our constitution came to be you need to read this book.  With the importance of this book it’s a 5/5.  But because it’s such a difficult book to read i’ll mark it a little lower.