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This is a very much needed book in this day in age.  Some could argue the most important. If you’re unfamiliar with Keven Williamson his call to fame was being hired to be the conservative voice for the paper The Atlantic.  Then promptly being fired before writing anything for the paper because of this very mob mentality.  Pretty clear that’s the reason why he wrote this book.  The book does an excellent job, through the use of real life examples such as his, to illustrate the dangers of elitist authoritarianism and cancel culture that have taken over our society.  Which we are watching be exposed by the Twitter files being released right now.  

This may be the quintessential book on cancel culture.  Especially considering it still happens today.  I just read about a woman losing her job at a gaming company because of the people she follows on Twitter.  But it’s not just this scalp hunting that he talks about in this book.  He also goes into the obsession with censorship or what he calls “antidiscourse”.  He debunks the often misused “you can’t yell fire in a crowded theater”.  Basically, this is the book of free speech and individualism.  No wonder I love it so much.  The book is an easy read, although it may get your blood boiling.  The topic is certainly relevant and he does a great job of laying it out.  All in all I can’t think of any reason why this book doesn’t deserve a perfect score.