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This book was recommended to me by my cousin.  It’s his favorite book.  I can certainly see why.  It is a very well written book.  The way it takes you into the mind of the author as a Vietnam survivor, in the flashback style, is truly amazing.  I found his story telling to be exceptional.  He blurs the lines between truth and fiction, much like we all do when telling a story, in such a way that you often find yourself asking which parts are what really happened and which parts he made up to make a good story.  However, that being said, I didn’t find it to be particularly “eye opening” as the atrocities of the Vietnam war are well documented and I’m quite familiar with them. But the way they are conveyed do make it easy for you to understand the writers feelings on the subject.  

One story in particular has stuck with me.  When one of the characters arranges for his girlfriend to come be with him in Vietnam.  An Idea that I think most people would agree was what we would call a “bonehead move”.  But this story illustrated, better than any of the others in my opinion, how war changes people.  I know it’s won awards and whatnot but that’s stuff I don’t care about myself.  It’s a good book.  Well written.  And it feels real.  If you’re looking for a book that has great storytelling with interesting characters you certainly can’t go wrong with this one.  My biggest gripe would be that it’s not actual events.  But that’s just me.  I actually like documentaries, lol.