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Now I don’t honestly remember if I bought this book or was given it.  Either way, I’m embarrassed to admit that I knew nothing about this.  Of course, I know the song of the Marine Corps but I never stopped to think what they were talking about.  I’m sure that’s much to the chagrin of those in the Marines.  Hey, I’m not perfect.  But that’s why I loved this book.  It taught me so much about some American History that I knew nothing about.  If you’re like me and don’t know about the birth of the Marines or about the Tripoli pirates this book will tell you what happened in an interesting and simple to understand form. 

The book is well sourced and very easy to read.  Even has plenty of pictures to help understand the naval tactics and whatnot.  The only drawback really is that it’s not exactly in story form so it jumps around a lot.  If you have any interest in American history you should really read this book.  It really is a book that should probably be included in high school learning.