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12 Rules for Life by now famous or infamous, depending on your view of him, Jordan Peterson is an book that could be important for the youth of today.  Especially young men.  It could definitely help them.  The problem with that is most of those people don’t exactly read nowadays.  And they could probably get the same advice by watching his content.  Which is where they get their info now anyways.  Now I also have to put a disclaimer here.  I  don’t really care for “self-help books”.  I find it to be an over exploited market that, in the end, will not likely change anything in your life.  You’ll read it, say you’ll change, and maybe do so for a little bit, but eventually go back to your habits.  Much like New Years resolutions or diets.  So this book is going to have a low rank because of that but if this book helps you then all the better. 

 So while I don’t really have anything really against the advice written in it, to me it’s just another self-help book.  As you can imagine it’s all about learning self-reliance, better behaviors,  self-improvement, and individualism.  It’s well written and well sourced with a lot based on his practice in psychology.  But, personally, I’d probably just tell you to watch his content online.  His interviews with various liberals have been particularly interesting in my opinion.  Also, as a side note, his daughters online content is also very interesting.  I would recommend checking her out as well.  That being said it is a good book and  well worth your time.  If you’re looking for a book to help you become a better person this could certainly be the book for you.