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1984 by George Orwell is so well known I’m not sure if there is any kind of insight that I can give.  That being said, there’s a reason why it’s such a famous book.  There probably isn’t another book that is more referenced today.  The book is written as a look at what an authoritarian government, using mass media control and surveillance, could look like.  It’s the book where we get many of our expressions still used today like “doublespeak”, “thought police”, “big brother”, and the example of “2+2=5”.  Not to mention the very popular colloquialism “Orwellian”  used anytime something reminds us of, or sounds like something that could be found in this book.  

Honestly there’s no reason that this book shouldn’t be in everyone’s library.  And if, for some reason, you still haven’t read it; do it.  Everyone should read this book at least once.  In addition to being a cautionary tell of big government, it’s also a well written and interesting story.  It’s got everything needed to keep you hooked.  There’s intrigue, suspense, love, and betrayal; and it’s pretty easy to see yourself in the main character’s shoes.  Which makes the book so much easier to read in my opinion.