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The book of Five Rings was an intriguing read for me.  Much like The Art of War buy Sun Tzu, it has many pieces of wisdom on how to win in a battle.  Miyamoto is pretty legendary in this regard.  He traveled Japan challenging warriors to duels to test each other.  It is estimated that he fought over 60 of these duels and never lost.  If you are a martial artist, fencer, boxer or just get in a lot of fights, I think that you should read this book.  It also has a bit of warrior philosophy in it that may be of interest as well but it is mostly about where you should stand, how you should hold a sword, how to study your opponent.  That sort of thing.  

Therefor this is probably not a book that everyone will enjoy.  As it is far more focused on the art of fighting than on philosophy I cannot give it high rating.  For those that this book is written for it is a great book.  For the average person, not so much.  There is also been issues with some translations that also make it a difficult read at times.