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Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is the last of the books on here that should be standard reading for everyone.  It’s also the one that I found to be the most disturbing.  Especially the way that the children are portrayed.  It’s beyond disturbing.  Another of the dystopian books, it focuses on a world where, due to advances in medical technology, reproduction is now handled artificially. As you can imagine that drastically changes the purpose of sex in society.  And, as you can imagine, our main character starts a journey away from these social norms. 

 On a trip away from civilization he discovers some people living in the “natural” world.  They meet a lady and her son who they bring back with them and he promptly becomes the obsession of the scientists and politicians.  The book is an interesting look at social constructs and the morals of society.  I know most people point to 1984 as the dystopian future that we are heading to but I’ve always thought that this book was far more likely.  This is the last of the books that I believe should be in everyone’s library.  However, I did find it to be a little bit slow at some times so it gets a little bit of a ding for that.