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This is a great deal.  I bought this for my Kindle and it only cost me about $4.  Seven books for that price is amazing.  Especially when it’s this content.  If you would like to learn about the lives of those that founded the country this is the collection for you.  It’s kind of difficult to write a review for this because it is really seven different books about different people so I’ll just keep it general.  Each book is essentially a mini history lesson and biography.  They start with births and upbringings before moving on to jobs and ambitions.  Of course it talks about each persons various contributions to the country.  All while sharing their personal lives until their deaths.  I’m sure there is a lot of people who think they don’t need these books because they think they know all they need to know about these people.  I’m here to tell you you are wrong.  Yes, you will probably know a lot of this information.  Perhaps even most of it.  But I guarantee you will learn something new that will make it worth it.  

The information in these books is something that everyone who lives here should know.  I believe there is no way for us to truly understand this country without understanding the men who founded it.  I think everyone should try and encourage their children to read this collection and hopefully help them get a firm foundation in the founding principles of the country. They are very easy to read books and none of them are terribly long.  Granted, you could find other books about these men that have far more information but these books are perfect for those who are interested in learning and are pressed for time or those who don’t have the greatest attention spans.  In short, I highly recommend this collection.