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Oh man.  What to say about The Republic?  All of us are at least familiar with it.  We hear people talk about allegory of the cave all the time.  This was a very difficult book for me to read.  As you would expect, there were so many philosophical thoughts in here that I had to stop and contemplate for a time but man did I love reading it.  I really should read it again.  There are probably a number of things I didn’t quite understand the first time around.  So not only do I recommend it for you to read, I’m recommending it to myself to read again.  So what is The Republic?  It is Plato’s way of explaining fundamental ideas, through a dialogue with other philosophers, like truth, justice and the American way(sorry, couldn’t help myself).  

You could really call it a dialogue of ethics for the western world.  Which should make it clear why this is such an important work.  Despite it being a difficult read, hard for me to knock it for that.