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The Simulated Multiverse written by Rizwan Virk is actually the sequel to The Simulation Hypothesis.  Although sequel is really not the correct word.  Maybe follow-up might be better.  The point is that you don’t really need to have read the first book in order to understand this book.  Although, in my opinion, it did help.  But because this book basically expands on the last book I’m only going to talk about this book.  This book uses the principles of video game programing and theoretical physics to show how the world we live in could be a simulation.  And not just any old simulation but one that is running all possible scenarios, ergo the multiverse, to determine the best possible outcome.  

One of the things I found fun and interesting was how he used this concept as a possible explanation of  “The Mandela Effect”.   I recommend this to anyone who has any interest in learning what the simulation theory is all about.  It is well written although some of the concepts can be difficult to understand.  That’s the reason why I didn’t give it a five star rating.  He does a pretty good job of explaining very complicated concepts but I think it could have been simplified just a little bit more.  Regardless, a very interesting read.