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As with anything, the more I read about black culture, the more I understand that I know very little about black culture.  I would say this book was more an introspective by Shelby than anything else.  How trying to solve one problem just led to a different version of the same problem.  White guilt gives a glimpse of what it would be like going through life as Shelby Steele did.  For most people this will be an eye opening book.  Maybe not necessarily to the racism that existed in the past but possibly to the racism that exists today.  Just not in the same way it did before.  To steal a quote, my takeaway from this book was The road to racism is paved with good intentions.  

Then again, that was my takeaway.  Yours could be completely different.  The only way to find out is for you to read it for yourself.  Overall the book was a good read although I did find some parts to be a little unnecessary and boring.