Independent YouTube Creators

A Drink With Crazy

A Drink with crazy is  where the fun really comes together.  He has streams with his fellow Ironage Knights on Fridays as well as with his supporters on Wednesdays.  On Sundays he has his Sunday Coffee stream where he reads the comments on his videos.   

He also uploads his commentary on cultural stories, along with videos to laugh along with.  He’s a down to earth guy with a strong foundation, esp with family.  His videos are always a great time.  And he has a great community.  Come join the fun.      

Frequency Studios

Wrangler brings on other authors and talks about anything from their newest books, the writing process, up to the latest thing to come out of the news and how that affects the culture.  His one on ones with different authors are quite interesting.  

His Monday stream called “just winging it” is a great time where the topic can go anywhere.  One minute you’re having a serious talk about how to write good comedy and the next you’re talking about Monty Python and joking around. It’s a great time.  Come hang out with us.

Blacklist Universe

Blacklist Universe is an amazing channel.  There are so many amazing artists on that channel.  For someone like me, who can’t draw at all, it’s amazing to watch these pictures come to life before your eyes.  

He also has amazing videos teaching people how to draw and videos on his coab with Shadversity.  It comics or art is in your interest, I highly recommend this channel.  It’s also fun just hanging out in the chat.  Check him out.