The attack on the family

This is probably the most important thing that we could talk about today.  There is a group of people who strongly believe that there are too many human beings on this planet and they have taken it upon themselves to solve it.  These people blame you and your families for this problem.  If it wasn’t for these little people constantly making children that the world can’t support then we could have this utopia where everyone is treated the same.  

Well, except for them.  They’re the special people so they are, naturally, the exceptions.  Someone has to oversee the people, so why not them.  It’s the only way to reach their utopia.  If you think I’m joking or exaggerating you only need to watch the recent talks at Davos, or read the book put out by the head of the World Economic Forum, Covid-19: The Great Reset.  With the wonderful motto(yes that’s sarcasm) “You will own nothing and you will be happy”.  

So what’s this all got to do with family?  Well it’s very simple.  I’ll lay it out in a step by step guideline. The goal is control.  In order for you to have control over someone they must be reliant on you for their own survival.  

Step 1) You must create a system, usually in the name of the greater good, that will force people to be reliant on the government for their survival.  Social security, Medicare, Medicaid and the welfare programs are all examples of this.  

Step 2)  The people must be forced into these systems so all other forms of support must be systematically destroyed.

         2a) Destroy religion and it’s community

         2b) Destroy local communities and their support groups by taking over those systems. I.e. education, banks, commerce etc

         2c) Destroy the last social system left, families, through entitlement programs, the destruction of marriage, and cultural

         ostracizing of motherhood.  

Step 3) Destroy all economic mobility by controlling the money through The Federal Reserve, taxes and social credit scores/penalties.  

Step 4) Use a catastrophe to consolidate power for top down control.  Jan 6th and Covid-19 more recently.  9/11 or the war on terror in the recent past.  There are many more examples but I don’t want to go on forever.  

Now let us go back to step 2.  Why is the family last?  Shouldn’t it be first?  No.  These people are not fools.  They know that the family is the hardest thing to break down.  It is the foundation on which all civilizations are based.  They know this.  That is why you will see them say stuff like “it takes a village”.

They don’t want you raising your kids because they know that is a social bond that is extremely difficult to break.  And one that usually makes them self-reliant.  Something that will not work for them.  They need you to be reliant on the government.  That is why they took over the schools and forced an economic system where even if there are two parents in the home, both have to work in order to survive.  Single parents homes are already theirs.  Either the parent is working more than one job and can’t raise their kid(s) properly anyway, or they are relying on the government already.  Win win for them.   

 Ask yourself why they are pushing what they call “gender affirming care” at such a young age?  Why are they telling doctors to look out for signs of trans-babies?  Why do they pretend that the argument against abortion is to control women’s bodies and not the fight for the life of a human being?  I could really go on for quite some time but I believe I’ve made my point.  Don’t let these people destroy your families.  I promise you, in this one aspect we have the most control.  They know this.  They don’t want to see you with a strong family.  Defy them. 

Get married.  Have kids.  Raise and support them.  Use that family to form strong communities with your friends and their families.  This is how we take the country back.  One family at a time.  


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