The Bad, the Good and the not so pretty


The Bad

If you’re anything like me you’ve watched the elected class, the media and the youth of the country during and after the horrific events on the 7th of October, 2023 and have been deeply saddened and/or angered at their responses or, for a time, the lack thereof.  It is pretty clear that the west has lost its way.  If we can no longer accept that an evil terrorist organization like Hamas must be destroyed, even if, or rather, especially when they hide behind the citizens they supposedly represent, then I seriously fear for the survival of western philosophy.


Yet that is exactly what we have been seeing lately.  The number of people who, at the very least, are asking for a ceasefire in a misguided belief that they are looking out for the lives of civilians or, worst, are blaming Israel for the actions of the terrorists is astonishing.  Well…it is for those who haven’t been watching these same people defend similar destructive actions of Antifa or BLM.  


That is the problem when you base your entire worldview on the erroneous oppressor/oppressed idea.  It’s just a lazy intellectual take.  Just because one person/group is better off than another does not mean they got that way by oppressing someone.  This should be pretty obvious…and it is.  The reality is that there is a pretty diabolical reason why they are being taught to believe this by those who know it’s not true.  Because these people don’t actually care about principles. It’s all about power.  Hamas has shown just how easy it is to use these people to shift the power(or the focus) from where it should be, backing the morally correct stance of backing Israel in their mission to destroy the evil, savage terrorists of Hamas to condemning Israel for the loss of civilian losses in their war to exterminate those terrorists.  Just by using the same leftist talking points we’ve been hearing for years at this point.  


The Good


Dan Bongino likes to say “The Republicans won’t solve your problems but the Democrats are the cause of them.”  I think there are a lot of people who have now started to wake up to this truth thanks to the left’s treatment of the Jews after the attack.  I think that there are now a number of typically liberal Jews and Jewish supporters who are looking at the Democrats now and comparing it to the Trump presidency and are asking themselves if they made a mistake electing Biden.


They aren’t the only ones.  Many are now comparing the two presidencies or, more specifically, how their lives are now to how they were under Trump.  It really doesn’t matter how hard the media tries to spin how great Bidenomics is when everything in your life is screaming that it’s not true.


Everyday, I see more and more evidence that the culture war is shifting.  You’ll hear people say that it’s because people are waking up but I disagree.  I don’t think it’s because more people are starting to see the truth.  I think most people didn’t agree with them but were too scared to say anything.  They were scared of getting canceled.  But now, people have had enough.  As with most things, the more people who take a stand the easier it is for others to join in.  I believe that this is what is happening now.  


It is my hope that this will turn the direction of the country back to some semblance of the great place that it once was.  If people can come back to the foundations of what made it the greatest country in the world, foundations I write about on the 4ffoundations website, then maybe all hope is not lost.           


The Ugly


The people in power are seeing the shift of the culture and they know, if they don’t do something, the stranglehold that they enjoy will be gone.  Because of this they are doing everything in their power to destroy the lives of anyone who is threatening them.  We can look at what they are doing to Trump as the best example of this.  The lawsuit in New York is a message they are sending out to anyone else who dares to stand up to them.  If you do so, they are going to destroy your name, your reputation and your business.  


However, that may not be the most egregious one.  It’s just the highest profile story.  There are a number of people who are unaware that a man got thrown into prison for making a meme back in 2016.  The meme was a joke, telling people they could vote for Hillary by text.  Apparently this is “interfering with an election.”  I’m sorry, but if you’re too stupid to know that’s not how voting works then you’re too stupid to vote.  Of course, the Democrats can tell you whatever lies they want to and they’ll never see a jail cell.  Why? Because our justice system is a misnomer.  There’s no justice in it.


The two tiered injustice system, the lies of the MSM, the abuse of the governmental authorities, and the suppression of the right on social media have many of us disheartened and/or disgusted with what the country has become.   the ugly truth.  And something that is only going to get uglier.  And it will continue that way until a point to where we either fix the system or destroy it.  


This is the ugly truth.  And something that is only going to get uglier.  And it will continue that way until a point to where we either fix the system or destroy it.  And this is my biggest fear.  If the system continues to be abused the way it is, I see no alternative except for the country to fall into a civil war.  For what is a man to do when he feels he has no other recourse but to take violent action?  Or, probably far more likely, what happens if red states decide they no longer recognize the authority of the Federal Government? What action will they take then? Will they send in the military?


If that happens, what will China do? What will Russia do?  I don’t think it’s a stretch to think that the enemies of the west would take advantage of the biggest symbol of western philosophy being in disarray.  They would be fools not to.  Which leads me to ask the next logical question.  What would their actions lead to?  The possibility of World War 3 does not seem out of the question.  And what happens if that war goes nuclear?  It’s a somber thought…


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