Why we need more people like Tom MacDonald

For a long time, those of us, mostly libertarians, have been trying to get a message across. That message was that both the Democrats and the Republicans are not working to make your lives better. That you shouldn’t believe everything you hear from the corporate media. And that there is a group of non-elected people trying to control every aspect of your lives.

The big problem is that a lot of us we not very good at getting that message across. Sure we knew the details of what was happening. But most of the time we were shoved into boxes of conspiracy theorists and ignored. I remember that was the treatment I got when I tried to explain to one of my family members about the government and big corporations working hand in hand to enrich each others lives. Something that I’m pleased to see is becoming more and more accepted by the general population.

One of the reasons for that, I believe, is because of the growing number of people who have started to convey this message through forms of the culture that we never could. Maybe because we didn’t know how. Maybe we didn’t know that we needed to. There are a lot of excuses we could come up with but the fact of the matter is that we just didn’t do it.

Thankfully, Tom is fixing that. Now I’m not one for rap in general. The rappers I listen to are few and far between. It’s just not my thing. So I’m not one who can really speak to his talent or musical prowess or anything along those lines. But what I can speak to is his lyrics and the eye opening message that they convey.

From his poke at the media complex and all the various reasons why shouldn’t listen to them in “Brainwashed” to his social commentary about the Americans that support Trump and people like him in “In God We Trust”, which is my personal favorite, it’s clear that Tom is doing his best to speak for all of us average Americans. Those of us who try to do our best to make good lives for ourselves and our families and are pretty sick and tired of getting screwed over by the likes of those in positions of power. But most especially those that are supposed to be working for us. And he does it in a median that people can really enjoy and share.

One of our biggest mistakes was to turn over the various forms of entertainment to the left. Who has used it, quite successfully, to push their agenda. But that is one of the things about living. We make mistakes. We learn from them, and then correct them. That is what is happening now. People have finally realized that we stopped fighting for our culture, maybe because we didn’t understand the ramifications that decision would bring but we’ve certainly seen them now. And now they are trying to fix it. So we need more people like Tom to continue to make entertainment. Luckily some have already started. Movies from The Dailywire, music from Tim Pool, cartoons from FreedomToons, and books from Black Knight are all good starts. But we need to do much more to win the culture war

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