February 2023

Turn the other cheek

I’ve given this a lot of thought and I’ve come to the conclusion that one of the reasons that the country is where it is today is because Christians have been taught a horrible misrepresentation of Christ. And the “Turn the other cheek” thing is at the heart of it all. Maybe we could also …

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My Angel of Fire

  My Angel of Fire Just out of my reach My heart would expire If your world I could breach   Wait, now she approaches How can this be true My life she encroaches My world turned askew   Her touch is igniting Her beauty, unmatched My desire for her, frightening My will, overmatched   …

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What’s a man worth?

  What’s a man worth? Pennies a pound? How can one judge If they’re worth having around?   Is it the money they have? The size of their house? Or maybe it’s power A question of clout   Perhaps it is fame? Or follower count? A cause they fight for Or charity amount   Could …

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