Civil War?

Why do you hear so many people talking about a new civil war? Is that really where we are heading? What does this really mean? All I can do is tell you my opinion.

Unfortunately, I think that a civil war or a new revolution, whichever you want to call it is inevitable. We have two major, diametrically opposed ideologies that must come to a head eventually. One must destroy the other or we must go our separate ways. And I just don’t see a way that it is done in a peaceful divorce, as some have suggested. Even though that would be more ideal.

I can’t see either side be willing to give up control to resources or be willing for a mass exodus when their state becomes part of the opposite ideology. And how do you determine what state goes to which side? Who gets which ports, which farmlands, which mines? The list goes on. I just don’t see how that works.

But one thing is clear. These two sides cannot coexist. There is no compromise between those who believe in abortion and those who believe it is murder. There is no compromise between those who believe that gender is fluid and those who do not. And, there is no compromise between those who believe in collectivism and those who believe in the rights of the individual. One way or another, this conflict must be resolved.

What does this mean to you? Maybe nothing. You may not be alive to see it. Just like the first civil war there will likely be many small things that lead up to it. It’s impossible to predict if something will happen let alone when. All we can do is take an educated guess based on the things that we know.  And that’s all this really is.  My educated guess.  You can’t really quantify the future because there are too many unknown variables.  But I hope this at least gives some understanding of why you keep hearing people talk about a civil war.  

I really hope I’m wrong. I hope something happens that changes the course that we are on.  I know I don’t want a civil war.  It would be far better if we could find a peaceful solution without giving up our rights.  I just don’t currently see that happening.  

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