Do facts really not care about your feelings?

Yes. That’s it. That’s really the answer. That’s the blog. Okay not really. Just like this statement, there’s more to it than that. Of course, ignoring the fact that facts can’t care about anything because facts don’t have the capacity to feel anything. But that’s really not the point of the statement. So lets start with that. What exactly is the point?

Well we can all thank Ben Shaprio for that. The statement was a very clever way to point out the very popular use of emotional arguments. As well as being a great TM for what is Ben’s style of phraseology. In essence, you not liking the facts will not change them.

Now while this may be an excellent and sometimes hilarious way of “winning” an argument or debate, it really does little to advance anything. The real problem with the statement is, with most people, the inverse is more true.

We are a people driven by emotion. And while facts are important, they are never the only driving force behind decision making. This is no secret. Watch any commercial. They will be presenting facts, what the product is or does, while showing you imagies that bring up emotions, happiness, comfort etc.

Hearts and minds are not changed with information. Hearts and minds are changed by other hearts and minds. That is the truth. Facts are a powerful tool when used correctly; and a worthless when when they are not. No matter the facts presented, when done in a condecending or belittling way they will not be accepted. Ask any parent or grandparent.

Which is why it is so important to present facts in such a way that causes people to understand and accept them on an emotional level. So yes, facts don’t care about your feelings. But feelings care even less about your facts. An excellent way to win arguments and not so excellent at affecting positive change. And Isn’t that the whole point?

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