The media is responsible for the fall of the country

When I was growing up, I was told, probably like many of you, that the media were the bastions of truth. That they kept the people in power honest. How poorly informed and naive I was. The simple fact is that this couldn’t be further from the truth. And yes, that does include Fox news.

We need to give credit where it’s due. There are many people who were called “conspiracy theorists”, like Luke Rudkowski from, when they were telling us what kind of people these so called “journalist” really were and who they a required to protect.  

It should be clear by now, especially with all the Twitter files coming out, that a lot of the people in the media are working hand in hand with those who they are supposed to be keeping honest. Anyone can tell that is an obvious conflict of interest.

You can also see that a number of these people just move from government, to news,  and back to government again. Maybe with a stopover in a tech company for a few years in between.  These elitists only let the “right” people into their little clique.  Which is why there are no real journalists left.  

This is a huge problem. There are still a large number of the country that rely on these people to be informed. If the people you are using to get your information are corrupt then the likelihood that the information is also corrupt is extremely high.

And what does that lead to? Well we are seeing that first hand. We are losing our rights left and right and we have half the country cheering for it. Or they don’t even know it’s happening.  Because they only know what these activists, hiding in journalists’ clothing, tell them.

As any person who’s ever been in a combat situation(or studied them) will tell you; bad intel leads to bad actions. Which leads to bad outcomes. That is exactly what is happening today but luckily there are some great people who are fighting against this.

Websites, and the great reporters that work there, such as Timcast, Project Veritas, and The Post Millennial; and independent journalists like Bari Weiss, Andy Ngo, Glenn Greenwald, and Auron MacIntyre, to give a few examples, are doing their best to help inform people on the actual facts on stories we need to know about.

So if we want to fix the country, we must promote these actual journalists over the corporate news and tech companies that have no problem selling out the American people for their benefit and/or the benefit of their friends.  This is how we, the people of this country, can take the country back from these pathetic people.    


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