Why is it so hard to find good help these days?

It seems like the workforce is full of people you really don’t want working for you. I’ve been asking around trying to figure out why. From my own personal experience and from what people have told me I’ve narrowed it down to three main reasons. Full discloser: Everyone I’ve talked to are paid by the hour. Not sure if the same problem is seen at those who are salary.

1) The workers who do a good job make the same amount of money of those who don’t(see #2). These people are underappreciated so they feel like doing their best doesn’t give them any benefit. Therefore the work suffers.

2) Some of those coming into the work force don’t seem to be well educated nor do they take any pride in their work. These people don’t do the job at the same level as the others which usually means the good employees have to either help them or do the job for them. So they bring down everyone else around them. Again, the works suffers.

3) Those who come into the work force who are good workers are looking around at starting a family and buying a home to start a life and see no way to realistically do either of these things. Those people see no reason to put forth any effort because the world is stacked against them. And I would say they’re right.

The first two can easily be fixed by a better work environment. Stop giving raises to people just for being a warm body. We need to go back to meritocracy. Those who do their job well should be the ones you’re paying the most.

Stop babying those who refuse to do their job well. Pay them the least, and write them up when they screw up. Or fire them when possible. It will also boost morale. No one likes working with these people.

The last one is much more difficult. I don’t see how it will be fixed until the country is fixed. The insane tax system and printing of money is making it impossible to make a living in this country. Unless, of course, you know the right people. These three things need to be fixed A.S.A.P. if you want to get this country turned around.


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