Where is George?

There is something interesting in this country. All those who seem to be in charge of it, very much want to be. Maybe it’s not fair to compaire what we have now to the best President we’ve ever had. This is not just me saying this, every list I’ve ever seen from both sides has Washington as number one.

Now it does make a lot of sense. Those often in power are those that seek to be in power. With that usually comes a certain narcissistic personality. That is the unfortunate truth of our system of government. We don’t really get the cream of the crop.

I think we all long for a leader like Washington. Someone who was born to lead but didn’t really want the job. Someone who cared more for the idea of this country then for themselves. Is there someone like that out there? Even if there is, I’m not sure that they would be able to get through the mess that is our current system.

And that’s something I often wonder about. If there is a better way to make the system work. Instead of having people run for office, maybe it’s an average citizen called to run the country, or city, or state. Chosen much like the jury system is. We have a group of random people from around the country that get selected that we vote on. Certainly could have it’s problems but I wonder if it would be better.

Perhaps a little too chaotic but who knows. I think people who are called to serve the country would do a better job than those who are desperate to run it. Or maybe I should say “ruin it”. That seems to be the more accurate statement.

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