My Musings And rants

When can we forgive?

I’ve seen a lot of things out there because of the story shared by The Atlantic asking for forgiveness with the Covid-19 reactions. Most people aren’t buying it. And they shouldn’t. Now while I understand why people feel this way, as with most things I think we can make too broad a statement, which takes …

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The Danger of The Greater Good

  Why is it that people who push individualism often warn about the dangers of collectivism? Do we not often make sacrifices for our community? Is that not for “the greater good”(Every time you read this think of that scene from Hot Fuzz) of society? I mean even the great philosopher of our time, Spock told …

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Can we know what is True?

What is Truth? Have you ever seen the picture above on your social media? Have anyone ever used it while talking with you as an example of how two things could be true at the same time? I know I have and when I first saw it, I didn’t really pay it too much attention …

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