Turn the other cheek

I’ve given this a lot of thought and I’ve come to the conclusion that one of the reasons that the country is where it is today is because Christians have been taught a horrible misrepresentation of Christ. And the “Turn the other cheek” thing is at the heart of it all. Maybe we could also …

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The attack on the family

This is probably the most important thing that we could talk about today.  There is a group of people who strongly believe that there are too many human beings on this planet and they have taken it upon themselves to solve it.  These people blame you and your families for this problem.  If it wasn’t …

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The Danger of The Greater Good

  Why is it that people who push individualism often warn about the dangers of collectivism? Do we not often make sacrifices for our community? Is that not for “the greater good”(Every time you read this think of that scene from Hot Fuzz) of society? I mean even the great philosopher of our time, Spock told …

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